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Do You have a PLAN and STRATEGY in Place

To Provide CARE for YOU, YOUR PARENTS or an Older Adult that will PREVENT a CRISIS SITUATION ???


Crestone and Our Partners Can Help !!!


We Assess the Current Situation

We Develop a Plan and Strategy

We Implement the Plan and Strategy

We Manage the Plan and Strategy


Our Professionals:

1) Determine the best setting that will fulfill the individuals safety

and quality of life requirements including the appropriate health

care, chronic care and long-term care

2) Assess individuals needs and issues

3) Identify community resources to provide needed services

4) Provide Personal Medication Safety Management

5) Draw up legal documents for health and financial decisions, and

documents that will allow individuals to pass their remaining

property on at death

6) Develop a financial plan to pay for their care and provide financial

security for the surviving spouse



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