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America is graying and graying fast. By 2030, 1 out of 5 Americans will be over 65.

Elders are living longer and need increased assistance. 50% of those over 85 need some type of support and assistance. 83% of adults over 60 want to remain independent in their own homes.


30% of older adult hospitalizations are caused by preventable adverse drug events

35% of older adults and 66% of nursing home patients have experienced an adverse drug


**50% of adverse drug events are preventable**

50% of Older Adults do not taked their medications as prescribed


700,000 Emergency room visits annually due to adverse drug events costing $5.8 Billion

200,000 Lives lost annually to adverse drug events


$200 Billion is the annual cost to the healthcare economy from adverse drug effects

$121.5 Billion spent annually on Hospitalizations due to inappropriate medication use

$13.8 Billion spent annually on unnecessary Physician visits due to adverse drug events

$32.8 Billion spent annually on long term care admissions due to adverse drug events

$26.1 Billion spent annually on OTHER costs due to adverse drug events



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