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The Program

The heart and soul of Crestone's Medication Safety Management Program is our Medication Safety Review. Details of the Program can be accessed by clicking Features and Benefits.

The Program includes valuable information that affects older adults and their response to medications.

The Founder

The Program was developed by Peter J. Smith, a Pharmacist with over 25 years experience caring for older adults in a variety of Professional settings.

In addition to being the owner of a community pharmacy where 80% of the clientele were over the age of 60, he has been involved in Home Health Care Pharmacy, Nursing Home Pharmacy and Assisted Living Pharmacy.

One of his successes included developing a Medication Safety Management Program for a National Assisted Living Pharmacy and implementing the Program in over 200 Assisted Living Communities across the country.

Who Should Participate

  • Anyone taking 4 or more prescription medications, vitamins, herbal remedies, supplements or over the counter medications combined
  • Anyone with multiple medical conditions
  • Anyone whose medications or medical condition has recently changed
  • Anyone who is concerned about how and when to properly take their medications
  • Anyone who has more than 1 Doctor
  • Anyone who buys medications from more than 1 Pharmacy
  • Anyone who wants to know how medications effect older adults
  • Any older adult who drives and is taking medications
  • Anyone who consumes alcohol and is taking medications
  • Any family member who is concerned about the medications their parent is taking
  • And anyone who wants to know and understand all about their medications

How The Program Works

  • Crestone gathers your pertinent medical information that you have submitted from our online Personal Medication Safety Review form
  • You may also fax (720-535-9961) or phone (303-249-3544) information to Peter at Crestone
  • We thoroughly analyze the information you provide
  • We compile your comprehensive Review Report, which includes suggestions that will help you maintain your independence, safety, health and well-being
  • We will email, U.S. mail or fax your Report to the address provided on the form after receiving your payment
  • We encourage follow up reviews for the times when your medications or health situation changes
  • We will provide access to routinely updated medication safety information by email or U.S. mail

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