1. Medications are stored away from hazardous materials
  2. Medications are not stored in light, moisture and heat conditions
  3. Store medications in a cool, dry place, away from light
  4. Storing medications in a kitchen cabinet is recommended over storage in the bathroom
  5. Refrigerator temperature is between 36 and 46 F
  6. Medications are NOT stored with foods
  7. No outdated, stopped or expired medications are stored
  8. Flush old medications to avoid children or pets getting into them
  9. Contact your Pharmacist and discard medications if you cannot read the label
  10. All medications requiring refrigeration are stored properly
  11. Keep a record of medications and organize schedule taking the right med at the right time (DoseTime® System)
  12. Multiple dose vials are labeled with the date first used (Insulin)
  13. Medications are kept in the original Pharmacy container
  14. Medications are never taken in poor or dark lighting
  15. Wear glasses when taking medications if you need glasses to read
  16. Medications at bedside are organized properly
  17. Pharmacy provides drug information for each medication
  18. Medications are clearly labeled and instructions are followed
  19. Take medications at the proper time; before or after meals, in the morning, at bedtime, etc.
  20. Take medications for the entire time they are prescribed
  21. Keep the Poison Control Centers phone number readily available (1-800-222-1222)
  22. Call Poison Control regarding medication interactions, effects, identification, overdosing and accidental poisoning


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