1. Always provide current medical and medication history to your Doctor and Pharmacist
  2. Have your Doctor and Pharmacist review all your medications regularly
  3. Tell your Doctor and Pharmacist if you are allergic to any medications
  4. Follow medication label directions and read drug information material
  5. Know and understand the possible side effects of ALL your medications
  6. Monitor your reaction after medications are taken
  7. Know medications, foods and herbal remedies which you are allergic
  8. Be aware of medications warnings: avoid heat, sun or cold etc.
  9. Avoid certain foods (grapefruit) or alcohol if indicated
  10. Take dietary supplements when on medications that deplete essential nutrients
  11. Be aware that adverse events may be more serious in older adults
  12. Immediately report adverse events to you Doctor and Pharmacist
  13. Know which non-prescription medications and herbal remedies to avoid with certain medications
  14. Know what action to take if a medication dose is missed
  15. Know how to properly discontinue the use of medications: abruptly??
  16. Question information provided by a non-medical person
  17. Careflully read non-prescription labels for content, indications and proper use
  18. If you have more than one Doctor, provide them all with ALL meds you are taking
  19. Ask Pharmacist questions if medication labeling is unclear and hard to understand
  20. Ask your Pharmacist if you are getting the drug and dose ordered by your Doctor
  21. Understand how to accurately measure liquid medications
  22. Know if you should avoid alcohol, cold medications, antacids or other substances while taking certain medications
  23. Know what side effects you should expect and what to do if you experience any side effects
  24. Have at least one other person, friend or family member, know what medications you are taking, when and why
  25. Take medications exactly as prescribed
  26. Talk with your Doctor before changing your medication schedule or dosing if the prescribed one does not fit your lifestyle
  27. Are you receiving the expected effect and response to prescribed medications
  28. Never take more medication than prescribed


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